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The Clayful Co.

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity 

The Clayful Co, known for its vibrant polymer clay creations, began by selling unique earrings and has since become a hub for creative souls seeking to enhance their clay skills. Balancing playfulness with professionalism, they meticulously curate high-quality DIY kits and products, setting new standards in the industry. Drawing from their extensive experience, they offer guidance and tools that fast-track beginners into skilled clay artisans. 


Project Goal: The objective was to rebrand to attract customers who loved expressing themselves through pieces of items. The aim was to convey the fun and artisan craft behind the business, spanning from products to the visual identity.

'Clayful’ was hand-drawn to mirror the behind-the-scenes magic of clay making, with illustrations reflecting the molds integral to their business. The overall identity exudes fun, perfectly capturing their spirited, love-for-life attitude.

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