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Here’s what you suggested...

About a year ago when creating a course was just an itty bitty concept in the back of my mind I asked our community over on YouTube what they struggled with when it came to The Client Process.

And over 560 of you answered the call (you all are seriously amazing)!

So instead of doing a normal Q+A email. I figured I’d showcase some of your suggestions and share how we’ve incorporated EVERYTHING you’ve wanted to learn inside the course…​

Let’s get into it, shall we?


Your suggestion

What’s inside the course:

​Inside The Client Process, I created a module completely dedicated to onboarding. Inside, I hand over everything you need to make your clients happy from the get-go and keep the admin stuff organized + anxiety-FREE.

Enjoy 30+ plug-and play resources to help you:

>> Invoice customers

>> Handle payments

>> Create contracts

>> Set up an easy-to-use workflows and client portals inside your project management software

And, yes, I even cover how to best handle what can quickly turn an amazing design project into a time-consuming headache: REVISIONS.

The result? ​​

You set the tone for a long-lasting win-win relationship with your clients so they not only want to RECOMMEND you, they want to WORK with you again and again. And that all starts with the onboarding process.

Your Suggestion:

What’s inside the course:

Ever curious on how to gather enquiry info from prospects that:

1 - Quickly helps determine if they’re a good fit for your services, AND

2 - Makes it easier to get a yes if they are? Those are 5-figure questions. And Module 2 covers them all. 😉

I'll guide you step-by-step through the same discovery process I use so there's no room for awkwardness or stumbling through when the prospect brings an objection. Simply use my tools and methods, and you'll approach clients with the perfect mix of warmth, confidence – and the best questions – to nail the sale AND create winning project proposals. You’re getting:

  • Enquiry Form Templates, exclusive to this course and not found anywhere else.

  • A tested and proven discovery call questionnaire and script.

  • Scripts that will walk you through handling client objections

  • Project Proposal Presentation Template

  • Done-for-you client communication email templates

I can’t guarantee 100% close-rate success. But I can try to put you pretty dang close. And that all starts with the discovery process. Your Suggestion:

What’s inside the course: If you watch my videos over on YouTube, you’ll know that I’m a strategy gal. Without it, your design work is just a picture with fonts, and colours to clients.

But with it, you'll drive brand awareness, boost sales, and position your clients' business as a key industry player. Aka, key value drivers behind logo and brand design that are often overlooked or poorly articulated. In this module, I’m showing you how to define brand foundations, analyze and research competitors, identify target audiences with personas, and pinpoint a brand's personality and voice.

You’ll also receive:

  • An exclusive, strategy call questionnaire & script

  • TWO Brand Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation Templates that covers both smaller and larger projects

  • Sample Presentation you can follow

  • Easy-to-understand guides and resources for creating audience personas and conducting competitor analysis

So when they SEE the assets they’ll also UNDERSTAND the meaning and process that went into creating them.

Don't stay “stuck”. In 2024, any designer can create a logo. There's more than enough tools for that.

But The Client Process? It's something very few ever master.

If you’ve been searching for a way to streamline your business, raise your prices and attract a steady stream of qualified clients – then I have what you're looking for. >>> It's all right here. <<< I can't wait to meet you inside!



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