2022 Goal and Habits Workbook - SET YOUR GOALS


Ever tried to set your goals at the start of the year, to forget about them 3 weeks later and braely achieve any of them by the end of the year? Yes, me too. I realised that I had been setting goals completely wrong and so may you. I’ve never enjoyed writing out goals each year, because by the end of the next it was likely that I never achieved them. This made me feel unmotivated and at a loss until I figured out the most important thing... forgetting about the goal and focusing on the system and habits instead. 


In order to set goals we need a solid system in place. With just a written goal you are focusing on the end result, rather than what you need to do in order to achieve this. This is where setting habits comes in. This goal workbook will help you write your goals, follow a clear system and dig deep into figuring out your habits to achieve your goals.

  • Info

    • Google docs workbook
    • PDF (click the link on the page to access the google doc)
    • 5 Pages (information and to fill in)
    • Fill in and write your goals and habits
    • Importance of having a system in place
    • Help with writing habits