Notion Project Tracker & Client Portal


Are you looking to streamline your workflow, keep track of all projects within your business and provide an effortless and professional client process? 


This 2 in 1 Notion Template includes a project management system for your business to organise and track every project and an auto-generated client portal that allows you and your client to access all project information, see uploaded project presentations and onboard clients with ease.


It's the perfect way to keep track of all your projects in one single place and say goodybe to those endless back and forth emails with this notion template!

  • Includes:

    • Project management system & tracker for your business to organise and keep projects in one place
    • Client Portal - onboard your client effortlessly and have a KILLER streamlined process
    • Adjust project status, package and start dates
    • Client Project Overview (timeframe and when to expect deliverables)
    • Client Dashboard
    • How to use the client portal 
    • Upload Contracts & Invoices
    • Discovery questionnaire
    • Project FAQ’s
    • Upload project presentations
    • Gather Feedback from clients
    • Offboard your client with ease
    • Upload brand/logo files
    • Area for clients to leave review
    • Easy to customise & navigate


    • 'How to use the client Portal' PDF for your clients
    • Full Client Discovery Questionnaire included
    • FAQ’S included
    • File Types Explained
    • In-depth Video Walkthrough
    • Interactive client elements
  • What you need:

    Notion is completely free to use but I recommend getting the Personal Pro plan for $4 a month which gives you unlimited file uploads (perfect for uploading client logo files and project presentations).