Designer, Educator & YouTuber.

The past 2 years has been an incredible journey trying to figure out my passion. I finally found it and now we are here. Scroll down to hear about my story.

Did someone say fun mail?

Meet Abi

Me again! Three things i adore in this world are brownies, mango and passionfruit smoothies and dogs. Life would not be as good without these three things.

So, who actually am I?

Hey, Abi here! I thrive when i'm being most creative and I've found my passion running my own design business and helping others do the same. I started as a brand designer and along the way fell in love with creating content for YouTube and Instagram, and now we are here! 

The Timeline

The Beginning

I finished college in 2015 and knew i didn't want to go to university. I got an apprenticeship as a designer, I stayed there for 8 months & realised I loved the industry, so started applying for jobs. I landed a new job as a graphic designer at a Holiday Park where I threw myself in the deep end and learnt everything on the job like printing, design, software etc.

The Side Hustle

After being at my previous job for three years I wanted to start earning some extra cash, so I started my business doing design on the side. It became a side hustle, but working a full time job and designing on the side was tough, so the side hustle started as a very slow thing that I could only do in the evenings. I knew if i wanted to make this a success something had to give.

The Real Beginning

I got furloughed in 2020 (due to the pandemic) and suddenly had a huge chunk of time to start working on my business. This was it. This was the time i needed to kickstart everything. So I put in the hours into finding clients, growing my social media, becoming a better designer and it paid off. I quit my full time job in August 2020 and haven't looked back since.