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Become a better brand designer in just 5 minutes per week.

Join 19,000+ driven designers receiving weekly tips, strategies, and resources to launch and grow their design business.

This newsletter is a life saver, it totally changed my perspective of business! I really appreciate your hard work for us designers.

Syed Ghulam Abbas

Your content is far by the most inspiring and educational I’ve come across. Your newsletters keep me on my feet each week!

Binky Creative

I get so stoked to receive a newsletter from Abi Connick, the value and what she brings is always on point!

Grove Studio Co

I want to say your mail is a source of inspiration for me as I am trying to branch out from being an in-house designer to starting my studio. Thank you so much, Abi.

Ajayi Timothy

I love your newsletters! I never usually read newsletters but yours I actively look forward to :)

Katherine Radcliffe

Really love this week's newsletter as I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the start of my first projects. Reading that you don't feel stressed when doing your own leisure because you have allotted specific time for work made me feel some sort of eureka moment about my current work process. This helped me realize how I can organize my day more in months to come as an aspiring business owner so thank you very much for this! 

Briana Maderazo

I've read your email and it's come at the right time. I was drowning in self doubt whether my work is good and asking myself am I good enough to even do a rebrand for a company  even just as a trial, I was feeling not worthy enough and like a fraud until I read your email and felt my spirits lifted. I love your emails, I'm always looking forward to them. Thank you for doing what you do.

Rose Belle Arts

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