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Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Packaging

Scoff is a brownie company that specialises in delivering an array of delicious brownie flavours right to your doorstep. From classic favourites to innovative stuffed brownies, they cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there's a flavour to delight every palate. Their exuberant and lively approach to enjoying life's little luxuries is reflected in every scrumptious bite of their bubbly brownies. With a commitment to bringing delight and satisfaction, Scoff is redefining the art of treating oneself, making every delivery an experience to relish.


Project Goal: Craft a vibrant and unique visual identity for the brownie company that reflects their fun and distinct personality. Develop a brand strategy that sets them apart from competitors by creating a design that's lively and engaging while staying true to their essence.

A playful, custom font to represent the fun behind making the delicious goods. Brand characters designed to look like brownie pieces showcasing the fun and flavour in every bite.

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