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Instantly develop a professional design process with premium templates.

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I purchased your brand presentation a while back and have been using it for my most recent clients and I have had the most amazing feedback and responses! My past 5 clients have had no amendments to the design presented and I truly believe your presentation has helped a lot! It is the perfect way to present a finished idea so that my clients understand each decision so now they don't question them. Just wanted to say thank you.


 I came across your templates and they've been such a time saver and a great help to me! Having the prompts, layouts, and content in there is really helpful and they've been amazing to use for presenting clients with information and branding/designs. Honestly, I'm so happy with them all and so so thankful for the time they've saved me. I would 100% recommend it to other designers. Top- notch! Thanks, Bex.


I recently used your brand presentation template to present a brand design to a client and they LOVED it! It was so easy to alter and fill in what I needed to. It really helped me know what I needed to include in the presentation! Thanks Abi!


Your brand strategy template has been an absolute GAME CHANGER in my business! It has helped me get clear in my clients goals and needs, leading to a more efficient process and final design outcome with no revisions! Strategy is key and this template has it down pat!


I've been using Abi's templates since I first started my business and they have been a life saver! Really changed the game for me. Helped me streamline my process and completely changed how I present my work. I HIGHLY recommend!


I swear by this Abi! I purchased the Client Portal middle of last year, and still going as strong as ever. Clients feel much more involved in the process and everything is in the one spot! This is an absolute lifesaver.


I purchased the template brand guideline sheet and it has helped me a lot by making the client understand the importance and how necessary is a brand book. Most of my clients don't want one because they feel it is unnecessary and by including this brand guideline sheet they are starting to reach for the brand book as well. Because they realize how important it is to know how to execute and apply the brand identity in a consistent way. Thank you!


Abi's templates have helped me immensely. Finding information on how to put together a brand presentation, what a brand guide includes, or how to present a design proposal is very challenging. Abi's templates not only streamline the work but also serve as a guide to learning how to handle these processes in the best way possible.


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