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Create one of a kind visual identities by mastering the pencil tool.

Start attracting high-ticket clients by learning how to customise typography, create unique illustrations, and develop patterns that enhance any brand.

Pencil Tool Course

Available for just £149 £79

One tool. Limitless designs.

Whether you’re looking to design impressive illustrations, perfect patterns, or tailored typography, the pencil tool is your one-stop shop. That’s why I’ve dedicated an entire course to the power of the pencil!

It’s all about sharpening your skills on the path to a booked-out schedule!

Here’s what this could mean for your design business...

New possibilities for what you’re able to create

Quality clients who are willing to pay more for your work

Unique designs that make your portfolio stand out

Greater demand for your individual design style

Abi is not only a talented designer and a great tutorial but also a soooo sympathetic and energetic person. It was great to listen to this course from her. I always respect and appreciate her work and I am grateful to her a thousand times for giving us colleagues this opportunity. Queen of the industry, it was a HUGE pleasure to learn from you! I will be counting the days to attend your future courses.

Ezel Deren Bekaroglu

As someone who uses Adobe Illustrator more than just about any other app on my computer, I thought this course would be helpful just to fill in some gaps. Turns out it has me rethinking a lot of things I've struggled with in the past and now I can integrate the pencil tool into my workflow rather than wondering "Why would you even want to?" This is a great course with very specific knowledge to be learned and very detailed instruction given. 

Vincent Ferrari

Abi is known for her genius work, so I kinda knew going in that this course would be worth it. BUT SERIOUSLY. I was blown away by how simple and approachable she made this topic that's intimidated me for so long. I feel like I'm already equipped to be the type of designer that I look up to! And that's literally after 1 to 2 hours into this course! WOW.

Titania Paige

The course is really well-structured, with lessons that are easy to follow, and amazing exercises targeted to strengthen the learned skills. I am satisfied, thank you very much for your incredible work! Looking forward to your next course :)

Deborah Stoleru

Abi is absolutely amazing at teaching, before this course I was a real newbie to the pencil tool, I did all my work with the pen tool. Now I feel so much more confident to improve my design work with the pencil tool. You don't just get taught how to use the pencil tool, there are elements of brand design nuggets in there too!

Roseanna Bryan

Loved this course so much ! Really helpful and well-explained, i can use the pencil tool so much better now. Already recommended it to so many people!! You're a great teacher Abi, thank you!

Amélie Breuil

Abi’s pencil tool course is so insightful and knowledgeable, the work she has put in to create this course from the videos to the worksheets are incredible and so good to help improve your pencil tool skill, it makes me want to do more design and fall back in love with design again.

Tegan Moss

Abi did an amazing job explaining each lesson. This course was really helpful because I just started my graphic design program and it has helped me complete some of my assignments. She has great communication skills and that helped me understand the content of the course. I would recommend her content to everyone interested on learning about graphic design. I wish there were more of this courses from her.

Maria Sandoval

Honestly I loved EVERYTHING about this course, it was easy to follow along and learn everything that the pen tool has to offer.

Annie Drzewicki

So far we've helped 1200 designers learn the all mighty tool.

What to expect...

You get the point! By mastering the pencil tool, you can send your design skills soaring. Enrol now for lifetime course access and uncover new opportunities for your design business.

4 modules

with 2 bonus lessons to put your design skills to the test

42 lessons

covering everything from the correct settings to customising type

2.5 hours

of value-packed videos you won’t find elsewhere

The Pencil Tool course goes beyond videos alone. We're talking about hands-on worksheets that empower you to get the most out of every module.

Ready to upskill your way to higher earnings?

Available for just £149 £79

What designers are wondering...

  • You'll learn the ins and outs of the pencil tool In Adobe Illustrator. I’m talking about which settings to use, customising typography, creating original designs, and so much more.

  • The pencil tool is by far one of the best Adobe Illustrator tools for designers. At the same time, there’s a lot to learn. By diving into the specifics behind this powerful tool, you can expect greater bang for your buck and more actionable takeaways than general Illustrator courses. 

  • Absolutely! Each lesson builds on the last, meaning you can learn the pencil tool from the ground up even with little-to-no prior experience. 

  • You can get lifetime course access by enrolling today!

Here are some of the most common questions I receive from fellow designers

Your business growth starts with the pencil tool

Enrol today and get ready to transform your design skills.

Available for just $149 $79

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