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Struggling to get clients? Read this...

Updated: Jan 11

You've spent months or even years learning the ins and outs of brand design.

Along the way, you've built a strong online presence…

Spent countless hours creating concept brands…

And even invested in paid ad campaigns…

Finally, a warm lead reaches out! And so naturally, you prepare and send over the best proposal possible.

Then, crickets...

Sound familiar?

Given the groundwork you've done, this missed conversion is just an outlier… right? That’s until another lead fails to convert… then another… then another.

Here’s the truth: the problem here isn’t your marketing efforts.

**** The real problem is your approach ****

When it comes to conversions, there’s one big mistake that designers across every niche constantly overlook.

How do I know?

Because when I was just starting out, I made this mistake too! I’m talking about making the proposal all about your brand design business instead of what’s important: the client.

Think about it this way…

If you're a prospective client, there’s a reason you're seeking out brand design services. It’s not about which platforms your designer specialises in…

Or how many years of experience the designer has…

Or even how great the final logo, website, or social media templates will look.

It’s all about how the services will provide meaningful solutions to the problems you’re facing.

That's the secret to an effective proposal: seeing things from the client's perspective.

Are they seeking to build brand awareness?

Or perhaps they need to drive more sales?

Or maybe they can’t seem to stand out among the competition?

By understanding these goals, you can weave tailored recommendations into your proposal. As a result, you’re no longer just suggesting a new logo or a revamped website…

You’re presenting these services as a path to meaningful results. And by targeting the right pain points, you can reach these prospects on an emotional level.

The bottom line?

You’re not just selling your services.

After all, your prospective clients can find thousands of competing brand designers in a matter of clicks. Instead, you’re selling the solutions to each prospect’s problems. This leads to an important question…

How can you be sure that your proposal is targeting the right problems?

Remember, you only get one chance to send a conversion-worthy proposal. And so getting things right the first time around is especially key. That’s where a thorough client questionnaire can help. As a result, you can avoid the guesswork when it comes to creating a winning client proposal.

The benefits here are twofold…

First, you’re more likely to convert prospects by selling your services effectively.

And second, you can make sure your clients feel heard.

From there, your proposal has a much better chance of standing out, especially given that many clients seek out and compare multiple proposals from competing brand designers.

Chat next week,


P.S. Be sure to check out this post for more on client acquisition. There, you can also find details on where to get my free client questionnaire!

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