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Why some of the most talented brand designers fail…


We all know that one person…

Someone with a talent so natural that they could do it blindfolded.

But time and time again, these people are rarely the most successful.

And even though their finished work outpaces the competition in every measure, they still end up falling behind.

The only question is… why?

When it comes to talented brand designers, soft skills are often the missing piece.

That’s because for clients, the process is just as important as the finished product (just like how nice the restaurant is, is just as important as the food they serve).

And no matter how talented you are, a lacklustre client experience with sparse communication won’t keep your clients coming back for more.

****🤔 So what can you do to fine-tune these soft skills? 🤔****

Here are my best tips!

First, lay a positive foundation for each collaboration right away.

I’m talking about asking engaging, open-ended questions…

Showcasing your enthusiasm for their vision…

And actively listening along the way.

Once you have a good starting point, a touchpoint here and there goes a long way.

Whether that’s reaching out with a milestone update or asking a question for clarification, transparency builds trust.

Don’t be afraid to give your clients an active role in the decision-making process either.

While some will prefer a hands-off approach, others will appreciate the involvement.

It’s all about making your clients feel heard by treating them as valued partners.

Now here comes the hardest part of all…

As brand designers, we always want our deliverables approved on the first try.

But trust me when I say that criticism can and will happen.

When it does, creating an open and welcoming dialogue is essential. After all, no client wants to feel like a burden!

By embracing constructive feedback with open arms, you can make big improvements that exceed all client expectations.

The bottom line?

Quality work is one thing…

But how you get there matters!

So even if you aren’t the most talented designer out there, don’t give up on hope!

That’s because quality communication, transparency, and customer service can be huge differentiators.

Not to mention, you can always level up your design skills.

By following these tips and prioritising the client experience, you can drive more repeat clients and referrals than ever before.

And although it might take a little extra time on the front end to get to know your client…

And offer progress updates along the way…

And even communicate project challenges…

I promise that the rework you avoid on the backend will definitely be worth it.

On top of that, these habits become second nature over time.

With consistency, you’ll build a reputation that clients can’t stop talking about.

Just remember, great things happen when you trust the process. With these tips, you’ll be the go-to creative for all of your clients’ design needs.

Chat next week,

Abi 🙂

P.S. There’s one more big tip that you definitely want to hear, and it’s something I personally do whenever possible. Check out this post for details!


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