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Go from confused
designer to thriving freelancer in just 4 hours!

Start your freelance journey by learning how to manage client projects, create contracts, host strategy calls, and more in just an afternoon.

I’ve already helped 2000+ designers kickstart their freelance journey. Now, it’s your turn...

THANK YOU for creating this course and sharing your knowledge. It’s amazing and simply inspiring to put the work in to improve things for the client but also for myself! I’ve binge-watched the whole thing already.

Minja van der Paard

The Client Process Student

Abi this course is life changing. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, thinking what more could you teach, that you haven't already shared on YouTube, but I was wrong. I have never taken an online class with so much useful information. Thank you so much for creating this and making it available to the world!

Elisa Castagna

The Client Process Student

This course helped me clarify what an organised & smooth client process can look like. The course was so easy to absorb but still informative enough. I feel if I apply what I learned it can positively impact my business. I was sad when the course ended. In other words: it was life-changing for me because I already know how much time it will save me. 100% recommend!!!

Denisa Mordelová

The Client Process Student

I recently invested in Abi's Client Process Course, and I must say it was worth every penny! This course has proven to be an invaluable resource for me as a designer. Abi's insights and guidance have significantly boosted my confidence in managing client interactions. The course is thoughtfully structured, covering a comprehensive range of topics that are essential for anyone in the design field. So happy I purchased it!

Jennifer Saldana

The Client Process Student

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this course unexpectedly. Although I hadn't planned on taking any courses at the time, Abi's knowledge and expertise compelled me to enroll. The course structure was incredibly user-friendly, and the creative hub and templates provided will undoubtedly become invaluable assets to my business. I'm excited to begin implementing this process with future clients!

Rachel Woodman

The Client Process Student

After watching Abi's youtube videos about her client process I decided I needed to invest in the course. I was not prepared for just how much value for money the course was. It's not just a video series you follow and then left to get on with it, you get provided with a resources hub which contains everything you need and more in order to have the best client process ever! I 100% recommend this course to anyone wanting to level up their design business!

Vicky Lewis

The Client Process Student

Abi is a wonderful teacher with an infectious bubbly personality. She expertly takes you through each step of her process, including real-life examples. She also provides a wealth of resources. Having taken the course, I have more clarity about how I can guide clients through a design process and justify my decisions to install confidence and trust.

Melanie Martin

The Client Process Student

Q: Do you feel like The Client Process was worth the investment? 

Worth it, no doubt. That investment can be returned very quickly if a person applies what he has learned from the course.

Denisa Mordelová

The Client Process Student

Q: What do you think about the video lesson durations, all under 10 minutes?

The shorter video lessons were much easier to digest than longer format videos. I found myself engaged fully with each video!

Rachel Woodman

The Client Process Student

What will happen if you take this course:

Inside the course

Rather than focusing on design skills, marketing, or client outreach, The Client Process hones in on the foundation of fast-growing  brand design businesses. With 8 key chapters, you’ll walk away with the systems & processes to grow your business.

  • Discover the importance that The Client Process can have on your business. Learn how it can transform your experience from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and uninformed into becoming knowledgeable, organised, and confident. This transformation empowers you with the confidence to increase your prices, handle larger projects, and run a successful design business with clarity.

    You'll gain instant access to 'The Client Process Resources Hub,' which includes over 30+ templates, scripts, guides, and other resources. This centralised hub keeps everything organised, making it easy to access all course materials conveniently.

  • Master the art of winning clients: Dive into the secrets of handling client enquiries like a pro. From hosting discovery calls to crafting compelling project proposals, you'll learn how to turn curious prospects into loyal, paying clients.

    Resources & Templates included:

    • Enquiry Form Template

    • Discovery Call Questionnaire & Script

    • Watch a real Client Discovery Call 

    • Handling client objections with scripts

    • Project Proposal Presentation Template

    • Written for you Email Templates

  • Save time and enhance organisation with a well-structured onboarding process. Learn the essentials of onboarding your client successfully, invoicing, payment handling, contract management, and the use of client portals and an internal project tracker for smoother project management.

    Templates & Resources Included:

    • Design Contract Template

    • Invoice Template

    • Updated Version of the 'Client Portal & Project Tracker' with additional bonuses including an internal project management system

    • Organise your Project Folders like a Pro resource

    • Written for you Email Templates

  • Discover the power and process of Brand Strategy. Without any strategy, your design work is just a logo, fonts, and colours to clients. But with a solid strategy, you'll drive brand awareness, boost sales, and establish their business as a unique industry player. This module covers hosting strategy calls, defining brand foundations, analysing & researching competitors, identifying target audiences with personas, identifying a brands personality and their brand voice.

    Templates & Resources Included:

    • How to Prepare for the Strategy Call Guide

    • Strategy Call Questionnaire & Script

    • Watch a real Client Strategy Call

    • Brand Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation Templates (2 templates: small and large projects)

    • Example Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation with annotations

    • Guides and resources for creating audience personas and conducting competitor analysis.

    • Plus more!

  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate strategy, ideas and your findings into your creative process. From gathering inspiration to creating mood boards, discover how to develop a successful creative direction rooted in strategy.

    Resources & Templates Included:

    • Mood Board Layout Templates

    • Searching for Inspiration Resource

    • How to create Mood Board Resource

    • Word-Map Template

    • Brand Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation Example

    • Presenting the Strategy & Creative Direction Guide

    • Gathering Feedback & Handling Objections Guide

  • Creating a one of a kind Visual Identity: Learn the step-by-step process of creating a visually engaging identity rooted in strategy. You'll learn the design process that involves; ideation, font selection, logo creation, and the art of choosing brand colours. 

    Please note: These lessons will NOT teach you how to design, but will show you the step-by-step process of how to organise and structure your design process.

    Resources & Templates included:​

    • Choosing Typefaces Guide

    • The different types of Logos Guide

    • Colour Theory and Psychology Resource

    • 100 Handpicked Colour Palettes Resource

    • Font, colour and mockups website directory

    • Plus more!

  • Effective Client Communication: Master the one-concept method, perfect your presentation skills when presenting your design concept and gain insight into handling and gathering valuable client feedback.

    Resources & Templates included:

    • Brand Presentation Template

    • Brand Touchpoints Template (additional project deliverables)

    • Brand Presentation example

    • Mastering The One Concept Method Resource

    • Handling Feedback and Objections with scripts

    • Client Feedback Call script and Questionnaire

    • Written for you Email Templates

    • Plus more!

  • Lasting Impressions: Understand the importance of the offboarding process and how to successfully implement this yourself. Learn how to export, package and deliver files, create brand guideline documents, and leverage client referrals effectively.

    Resources & Templates included:

    • Brand Guidelines Template

    • Brand Guideline Sheet Template

    • Brand Guidelines and Sheet Examples

    • Goodbye Packet Template

    • Exporting and Packaging Files Resource

    • Offboarding Call Script & Questionnaire

    • Post-Launch Follow up Questionnaire

    • Written for you Email Templates

    • Plus more!

Abi - Course Instructor

Let me assure you — if I could go back to the days when I was a struggling freelancer, I would double down on the client process. It’s that important! 

I’ve been in your shoes. You’re feeling stuck with your current earning potential. You’re unsure when it comes to the client process. You may even be sceptical that improving the client process is the best investment of your time. 

As your instructor, I break down years of trial and error into the actionable takeaways freelance brand designers need to potentially 10X their earnings. 

As your instructor, I break down years of trial and error into the actionable takeaways freelance brand designers need to potentially 10X their earnings. 

You’re worth it. Together, we can get you unstuck. 

I’ve been in your shoes. You’re feeling stuck with your current earning potential. You’re unsure when it comes to the client process. You may even be sceptical that improving the client process is the best investment of your time. 

Let me assure you — if I could go back to the days when I was a struggling freelancer, I would double down on the client process. It’s that important! 

Over £2000 in Value!

  • We understand that engagement is key for learning, so you won’t find any keynote presentation in this course! Instead, each lesson is short and to the point, with the aim of keeping you actively involved. You can expect this course to resemble more of a captivating Netflix series rather than a dull lecture.

  • These templates have been specifically designed for this course and are not available anywhere else. They include a Touchpoint Presentation, an updated Client Portal that includes an internal section, and more!

  • From creating the perfect mood board to packaging files, you'll have access to guides on everything you need to start working with clients today!

  • Client communication is a cornerstone of a success project, that’s why we have included 20 email templates, to help save you time and communicate effectively with your clients!

  • Ask better questions, get better answers! Knowing what to ask during calls with a client is crucial for ensuring project for success. Whether it's a discovery, strategy, or revisions call, we've got you covered with word-for-word scripts to follow!

  • From searching for inspiration to understanding colour psychology, we have left no stone unturned, providing you with all the resources you need to become a freelance designer!

Total Value


Total Price


My exclusive guarantee

If you enrol in and complete all the lessons but feel like you haven't gained anything, we will refund your money without any questions. This means one of two things will happen:


You will gain the knowledge, systems, and resources to start working with clients and build your design business.


If you complete the course and feel that you haven't learned anything, we will still give you a refund. However, this scenario is unlikely as it suggests a lack of motivation or effort on your part. Rest assured, you are covered either way.

Where do I begin? Just whoa! From start to finish Abi went above and beyond expectations. All bases were covered - from delving deep into my competitors' strengths & weaknesses, to what my ideal customer looks like and how I should present my business to attract them. I'll be honest, I had no idea what direction I wanted the branding to go in - I just knew I wanted colour and to stand out. I feel like Abi knew what the business needed better than I did - this is the true value of hiring someone insanely talented, with oodles of positive energy & ideas. If you're debating whether to go for it like I once was - let me tell you this - Abi is for sure a worthwhile investment - but priceless at the same time. Thank you again for being an incredible human!

Hannah Eastaff

Director of Tails & Bloom

Working with Abi has been a dream. She exceeded all my expectations and over-delivered in every possible way. I commissioned Abi for 2 branding projects - revamping an existing brand, and designing a new brand from scratch. I felt too close to the long-standing brand, but Abi was super excited and just ran with it, and I couldn't be happier with the results - a coherent, stylish brand, full of personality and colour, whilst the new (kids) brand is fun, bright and encompasses everything I asked for in my brief (and more!). If you want a brand that will stand out from the crowd, make people smile and allow you to give a voice and personality to your business, then look no further. I can't recommend Abi enough! She's a lovely person, extremely professional and super talented! Thank you so much Abi!

Kirsty Taylor

Founder of Skyrocket & Footwear Studio

Abi, you have been an absolute DREAM to work with! I am so in love with the design! You perfectly captured our vision for our brand. I cannot wait to share this with our customers. Every little detail was so carefully thought out and meaningful. You completely CRUSHED it- you are so incredibly talented! Thanks again for everything!

Molly & Jake Stevens

Director of The Clayful Co.

Working with Abi was without a doubt the easiest and best business decision I have made. Abi's work is nothing short of perfect and she did the most amazing job rebranding my business. She listened to my thoughts and ideas and ran with it - she took exactly what I was dreaming of and brought it to life. The process was simple and efficient from start to finish. I cannot express strongly enough how much I recommend investing in your business and working with Abi to create some insane branding for you. I would 100% recommend!!

Rebecca Watson

Founder of Positive Polly Parcels

Abi, I truly have loved your work but this being my brand coming alive brings me to tears. Thank you so much for the time and effort in really getting to know me, our brand and what we were going after. It's very obvious you really took that in and embodied that with what you created. I am SO grateful!!! You are worth everything you charge and then some! I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work with you. You are INCREDIBLE at what you do and truly took a personalized approach and executed exactly what i was looking for! Thank you for creating the brand of my dreams! My heart is SO happy, giddy, excited, all of the things!!!

Taylor Gardner Chaney

Founder of Dig it! Coffee Co.

Working with Abi to create my dream branding is by far the best thing I have done! Abi really spends the time to get to know you & your business to ensure she delivers a branding that matches both personality and vision. Her relaxed and friendly demeanour makes you feel at ease to talk through ideas or changes. Abi created branding for me that was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. My branding is both fun and professional, I cannot thank Abi enough for her time and attention to detail.

Michelle Brown

Founder of Chell’s Beauty by the Sea

I'll help you get client feedback like this:

11 Exclusive Templates

Lifetime access

50+ to the point, engaging videos

38 Walkthrough guides

One Hour 1:1 Coaching call with Abi upon completion of the course (includes a personalised action guide).

20 Email Templates

26 Exclusive Resources

7 Call Scripts & Questionnaires


The Client Process Pro

Instant access to the self-paced course + 1:1 Coaching with Abi

38 Walkthrough guides

Lifetime access

50+ to the point, engaging video lessons

11 Premium Templates

20 Email Templates

26 Exclusive Resources

7 Call Scripts & Questionnaires


The Client Process 

Instant access to the self-paced course

  • While the templates certainly have their place in ensuring a time-efficient and smooth client process, they are just a bonus! The main learnings from this course will come from the video lessons and guides. In these resources, I cover topics in detail that I have never covered on social media. This guarantees that once you complete this course, you will have the knowledge, systems, and skills to start building your freelance design business!

  • I combine strategies with real-world implementation, my hands-on course enables you to start making changes with confidence from the get-go. I know how busy life gets when you’re running a design business, so sitting through 30+ minute videos just isn't practical. That's why I designed this course with SHORT videos (less than 10 minutes each), ensuring they are super hands-on, fun and engaging—think of it as a more in-depth, interactive version of my YouTube videos. Let's just say my videos won't bore you to death, especially because there's no dull Keynote presentations involved!

  • While the course does not cover client outreach strategies, the referrals and repeat business you generate using these lessons can yield even greater growth than traditional outreach. 

  • This course does not teach you the basic design principles or software design, it is expected you already have prior knowledge in these areas. However, we will thoroughly explore the entire design process using practical examples, providing you with structure and confidence to navigate this stage effectively.

  • This course WILL teach you:

    • How to improve and streamline your entire process, so you can increase your prices with confidence!

    • Provide you with an organised and professional brand design process when working with clients, from start to finish.

    • How to communicate effectively with clients.

    • How to tackle client calls at every stage of the client process with provided questionnaires and scripts.

    • Provide you with the internal systems and processes to create a smooth client experience.

    • How to increase your conversion rate of prospects to clients using proposals.

    • How to implement brand strategy into brand design

    • What to include in project contracts to ensure you're covered!

    • How to organise and simplify your design process

    • Show you how to export, package up and organise files correctly

    • How to manage client projects seamlessly

    • How to deal with client feedback and revisions

    • Provide you with premium templates, resources, guides and scripts for every stage of the process

    • How to implement and present the ‘one concept’ method to clients

    • How to master the creative direction stage to prevent client revisions

  • This course WON'T teach you: 

    • How to design

    • How to create Logos

    • How to Market your Business

    • How to get clients

    • How to grow on social media

    • How to use Adobe Illustrator

    • How to price yourself

Common questions from 

freelance designers:

your investment

These prices are set to increase! The current price is only for early bird registration. As we continue to add more resources and lessons to the course, the price will go up later this year.

Gain the clarity, knowledge, and systems needed to start taking on clients today!

Ready to kickstart your

freelance journey?

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