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Roots & Roamers

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity 

Stirring and nourishing the human spirit with unique handmade creations. I dove into creating a brand identity that matches with their goal of sparking imagination through jewelry that taps into both down-to-earth and experimental vibes. 


Project Goal: Make it all come together in a way that screams "nature lover" in every detail. This project was all about bringing that natural magic to life both strategically and visually. It's not just about jewelry; it's about weaving nature into the brand's very identity.

Roots & Roamers aim is to stir and nourish the human spirit through providing deeply personal, original, handmade artistic creations. They want to inspire the imagination of their clients by creating Jewellery that explores the grounded and experimental aspects of the world. The direction of this brand revolves around nature and earth elements demonstrated perfectly through colour, typography and shapes.

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