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Tails and Bloom

Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Social Media Templates

Tails & Bloom merges creativity and craftsmanship, crafting beloved pet accessories inspired by nature. Hannah's lockdown experimentation birthed handcrafted pet tags adored globally, embodying British charm while celebrating each pet's uniqueness with personalised items. Beyond accessories, Tails & Bloom creates treasured moments and adventures for furry companions, driven by a deep love for animals and a dedication to quality in every creation.


Project Goal: To dominate the dog accessory industry with vibrant branding that matches their fun and effervescent personality and draw the eyes of their target consumer. 

Subtle hints of referring back to dogs and have been left within the logotype like dog ears in the 'T' and a wagging tail in the 'L'.The brand pattern / icons consists of flowers and leaves that represents the word ‘bloom’. The colour palette is inspired by nature and flowers creating a handmade and natural feel.

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