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How I turn Prospects into Clients!

Updated: Jan 11

So you've got a hot lead…

Now what?

When prospects start showing interest, it's easy to get ahead of ourselves.

After all, what's more exciting than seeing your marketing efforts finally start to pay off?

Then reality sets in…

At this point, you haven't earned a single dollar.

That's because interest alone is a far cry away from what comes next.

I'm talking about conversions.

****🙌 Here are the steps I personally use to make it happen… 🙌****

First, I kick things off with an enquiry form.

This is a two-way street…

While you get to know their business needs, the prospect feels heard.

From there, a little bit of research into their website and social pages goes a long way.

By doing your homework, you can make a positive impression and ensure a smoother discovery call.

This is where so many brand designers get things wrong…

On the call, remember to let your prospect do the talking.

This goes along with making sure they feel heard.

At the same time, you still need to get the right information.

That's why you never want to go into a call empty-handed.

By preparing guiding questions in advance, you can keep the conversation flowing in the right direction without costly gaps.

Then there’s your pricing.

There's nothing worse than getting completely set up for a project only to find that the prospect hasn’t budgeted for your services.

While you don't need to get too specific, I highly recommend asking about the prospect's budget range early on to prevent misalignments.

Once everything checks out, it's all about instilling confidence.


By presenting your services as solutions to the prospect’s problems.

At this point, you've read through the enquiry form…

You've done your homework…

You've asked your guiding questions…

And you've checked in on their budget range.

Believe it or not, the hard part is over!

That's because if you followed these steps, you should know exactly which problems your prospect cares about most.

From there, simply explain how your specific services can address each of these problems and more.

Last but not least, send a personalised proposal to kick things off.

The bottom line?

When it comes to conversions, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

By following my process, you can get things right without any guesswork.

And although the prospect may have other brand designers on their list…

These steps will ensure you stand out!

When in doubt, make each prospect feel heard, do your homework, and pair problems with solutions.

As for the project proposal, I’ve got you covered. Check out my template for that final push to turn prospects into clients.

Chat next week,

Abi 🙂

P.S. I’ve broken down everything from today’s newsletter in this Instagram post. Be sure to bookmark it as a sanity check if conversions ever slow down!


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