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How to Set Up a Project for Client Success (free course)

2 years into my journey as a freelance brand designer, I landed my first four-figure project. Needless to say, I was proud of myself and felt like I had finally "made it".

However, it was a complete fluke and deep down I knew this.

Because the thrill and excitement of securing my highest-paying client quickly turned into dread and overwhelm as I realised that I was completely unprepared to handle a project of this magnitude. I had no idea how to plan, manage, and successfully complete such a large-scale project.

Nevertheless, caught up in the excitement of envisioning a four-figure amount on my invoice, I decided to take on the project. And that's when the panic set in.

It's fair to say that this project was a mess! It started with the client asking if I had a contract for them to sign. In a panic, I ended up downloading one from Google, only to later realise that I hadn't set a revision limit. This resulted in a never-ending cycle of client revisions! 🥴

By the end of the project, I was completely exhausted!

The constant back-and-forth of emails became overwhelming.

Managing the project was causing me a lot of stress.

And I felt completely out of my depth.

Although this project felt like a living nightmare at the time, looking back, I gained valuable experience that completely changed the way I approach working with clients.

My main takeaway from this experience was the importance of properly onboarding a client. A successful project relies on establishing proper systems from the beginning and without this, the project can be negatively impacted in various ways.

But I don’t just want to tell you about my learnings I want to teach you them…

That's why I've put together a FREE course where I share the onboarding process I've developed over the past few years while working on over 100 client projects. So if you want to learn how to set up your projects for client success then enrol here! 🥳

Chat soon!

Abi 😊


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