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Why calling yourself a ‘Logo Designer’ is hurting you!

When you're attending an event, such as a wedding, a friend's birthday party, or a casual get-together, how do you respond to the question: "What do you do?"

If you're anything like my younger self, you'd probably answer with: "I'm a logo designer."

While there's nothing inherently wrong with this response, especially in that particular context, it does raise an issue in how we perceive our roles as designers.

You see, people aren't interested in our specific services; they care about how we can help them. Identifying ourselves solely as "logo designers" doesn't help us attract clients.

This is because simply stating our services doesn't allow us to connect with potential clients on an emotional level.

Take this for example 👇

It's evident that most of us would choose business two because, through their copy, they have demonstrated an understanding of our struggles and positioned their services as the solution.

We need to take the same approach in marketing our design services.

Ask yourself: Why might a business need a new brand identity?

Is it to increase sales?

Build brand awareness?

Establish trust?

Differentiate from competitors?

Once you identify the reasons why potential clients need your services and the challenges that have led them to that conclusion, you can customise your marketing efforts to position your services as the solution to those challenges.

When you provide services, you are paid based on what people believe you are worth.

When you become a problem solver and offer solutions, you are paid based on your true worth.

I hope you found this email helpful and that it encourages you to reframe your perception of what you do!

Chat with you next week,

Abi 😊


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