The ultimate go-to business resources that I cannot live without! 

Mockups & Fonts!

Envato Elements

Looking for a platform that has Mockups, fonts, design assets & imagery all in one place? Envato Elements is my go-to online platform that I cannot live without! Pretty much all of the mockups I use are sourced from Envato!

Email Marketing


On the hunt for a place to send funky & professional email newsletters for your business? I've been using Fllodesk for the past year and I love how easy it is to use and send out emails!

Online Classes


One of the most crucial things for business owners is to continually keep on learning. Skillshare offer thousands of online classes for a small monthly fee! A great way to learn new skills and add to your current services!

Editable Templates


Creating social media templates for your design client is great, but how can they then go and easily edit them? Let me introduce you to Canva! You can create editable templates for your client to use and edit themselves!

Video Editing

Splice App

If you're on the hunt for a quick and easy video editing app, I've got you covered! I use Splice to create reels and edit Instagram stories, and I bloody love it! You can download the app on your phone and edit away!

Project tracker


Looking to streamline your workflow, keep track of projects and provide an effortless client process?  This 2 in 1 Notion template includes a project management system for your business and an auto-generated client portal.