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Every Brand Designers needs to know THIS!

Solomon’s Paradox.

What is it, and why does every brand designer need to know about it?

Let’s start with the definition…

Simply put, this is when we find solutions to someone else’s problems, but not our own.

This psychological phenomenon stems from King Solomon, a wise 1st-century ruler known for his wisdom.

There was just one problem…

He couldn’t apply his teachings to his own life.

When we take a step back, it’s clear that there’s a little Solomon in all of us.

For example, can you think of a time when you’ve critiqued someone else’s design flaw?

Even though the fix might be as clear as daylight to you, the same isn’t true for the designer.

****🤔 So what’s really going on here? 🤔****

Are we destined for a freelance career of clouded judgement, irrational choices, and indecision?

Or can we dig down deep to find the answers?

Of course, this is easier said than done.

That’s why I’ve developed a unique strategy you can use to put clarity within reach.

But first, what put Solomon’s Paradox on my radar in the first place?

Of course, helping up-and-coming brand designers brings me a deep sense of purpose.

But through your questions and comments, I’ve discovered just how many challenges, bottlenecks, and setbacks are the same as those I experienced when I first got started.

And as I look back, the solutions to these problems seem to come naturally.

But not for the reasons you’d expect.

You might think that clearer hindsight comes from more experience…

And in many cases, it does!

But all too often, I learn that I knew the answers all along.

I just couldn’t see them at the time.

So instead of digging deep, I turned to a blog, forum, or Google search for the answer.

And while these resources are a must for inspiration and advice.

Sometimes, your intuition is even better.

That’s because every client, project, and designer is unique.

And unique problems require tailored solutions.

Here’s a brief example…

Imagine you’re a perfectionist who keeps spending too much time on small project details.

As a result, you’re missing deadlines and overworking yourself.

When you take a closer look, you might find that your early drafts are actually exceptional!

Or that you’d complete projects faster by finishing the bulk of the project first before honing in on the details.

While the answers might not seem obvious at first, a small step back can make a big difference.

So how can you start seeing things differently?

Before turning to someone else for the answer, try this…

Come up with a fictional designer.

But go beyond just naming them!

Write down their personality and quirks too.

Then, give them the same problem you’re facing today.

Lastly, think about what advice you would give them to reach the best possible solution.

This seemingly simple exercise can make a big difference in your perspective and how you tackle your toughest challenges.

Chat next week,

Abi 🙂

P.S. If my newsletters have been helpful, feel free to refer them to a friend! As always, I wish you the very best as you continue to grow!


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