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Getting paid your full worth as a Brand Designer...

Whether you’re a new brand designer struggling to get traction or a seasoned pro on a plateau, some days you just feel like giving up.

Believe me, I know.

In my early days, I found myself working on projects that didn’t fuel my design passion.

Worst of all, I was getting paid a fraction of my full worth.

Sound familiar?

If so, I know what you might be thinking…

“But Abi, shouldn’t up-and-coming designers take any and all client work?”

I’ll explain why they shouldn’t in a moment, but first, a quick analogy.

Let’s say you buy a bottle of water from the grocery store…

You’d probably expect to pay less than if you were at a concert…

And much less than if you were at the airport.

And so if you were selling the bottle of water, where would you want to sell?

The airport of course! That’s where you’d earn the most.

But it goes one step further than that…


Because the thirsty travellers buying the water would appreciate it more than someone on their weekly trip to the grocery store.

Hence, they pay more.

The same applies to the world of brand design.

It starts by working with clients in niches you’re passionate about.

Not only that, but also clients who value your work.

From there, you can charge your true worth for your services!

****✋ This leaves just one big question… ✋****

How can you attract these high-quality clients in the first place?

Better yet, how can you make sure they’re in the right industries?

The secret is your digital presence.

Instead of posting all of your client work on your social media pages, think about the niches you actually want to attract.

Then, make sure your portfolio is exclusive to those industries.

Don’t have any dream clients yet?

No problem!

Just start putting pen to paper, create concept brands, and put together case studies similar to the brands you want to work with.

But that’s just the first step.

To really bring in great clients, you need to deliver a great customer experience.

I’m talking about making your website clean and clutter-free…

Leveraging easy-to-find contact forms…

Gearing your website copy for your target audience…

And presenting your work for success. More on that in a bit!

The bottom line?

If getting paid less than what you’re worth has you giving up hope, hold on!

By revamping your portfolio, digital presence, and social media pages, you can start attracting your dream clients.

Now, about presenting your work for success…

For that, my brand presentation template has you covered. Using this done-for-you digital

template, you can take your perceived value and professionalism up a notch.

My hope is that one day, you’ll look back with relief that you didn’t give up.

Chat next week,

Abi 🙂

P.S. You can also check out my YouTube video for more on getting paid what you’re worth. If you find it helpful, be sure to subscribe for more advice and inspiration.


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