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If you feel like quitting, read this.


Whether you found me on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or even LinkedIn, over the last 5 years I’ve managed to build a community of over 700,000 cool-ass designers (& over 10,000 super cool ones- yes that’s you guys reading this 😎).

I receive good engagement on my posts, daily branding inquiries in my inbox, and my business is growing at a rate I never thought possible.

But I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this so you can see how far I've come, because things never used to be this way.

See, just a couple of years ago, I was working from a little corner in my bedroom, charging $50 for a logo, getting 5 views on a YouTube video, and stumbling over my words on my Instagram stories.

The beginning of a journey is often the most challenging, as you have to consistently show up without seeing immediate results from your efforts.

This can be such a mental battle, because as humans we are driven by reward. Do the workout > Feel good

Eat the food > Become satisfied

Scroll on TikTok > Forget about your problems However, it's important to recognise that every successful person has faced this stage and you must be dedicated to playing the long game.

There's a tweet that I absolutely love, and I think it speaks perfectly to anyone starting something:

I know it may sound simple and "easy for me to say," but there's nothing more to it than just doing it.

By consistently showing up and dedicating time and effort to whatever it is you're trying to build, you're committing to getting better, learning, gaining experience, and most importantly, you're committing to the type of life you want to live. I was completely clueless at the beginning of my journey and made a lot of mistakes, but one thing I can confidently say I did right was showing up.

Now, that inexperienced designer who used to charge $50 for their work just landed a $15,000 project. That 21-year-old girl with a vision who worked from a small corner in her room now owns her own studio space.

That content that no one cared about, has now built an amazing community. Regardless of your goal or where you are in your journey, keep knocking on those doors, keep improving, and keep showing up. Success can only ignore you for so long before it has to start paying attention to you!

Wishing you all the best 💫

Abi 😊 P.S. No podcast this week 😢 but there's a good reason for it. I'm working on something really cool that will be released soon! 👀


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