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POV: I love/hate the admin side of business

I have a confession to make.

I hate doing admin tasks for my business.

Why? Because, I’d much rather be doing the fun stuff like:

👉 Customising typography

👉 Creating mock-ups

👉 Putting together a brand presentation

See.. that’s waaayyy better 👆 As creatives, we love doing the things in our business that bring us joy and increase our dopamine levels.

But, that also means we often tend to procrastinate when it comes to the more “serious” tasks we need to do.

But here’s what I noticed: the more I neglected the everyday admin stuff I needed to do, the more chaotic things became – for both me and my clients. ❌ Instead of taking time off to rest and relax on the weekends… I was constantly worried about deadlines and would often spend my Saturdays working instead of going to a movie or lunch with friends.

❌ Instead of bringing my best creative ideas to fun projects I was working on… I was overwhelmed with managing emails, deadlines, and client communications. Creating brands is what I love to do and I knew that in order to make this work for me, I needed to get more organised in my business.

And that’s when I decided to developed a system for managing my projects. Once I did that, everything changed. Suddenly I could –

✅ Provide a smoother customer experience, leading to more referrals.

✅ Present projects to clients in a more professional way, allowing me to charge more for my services.

✅ Gain my time back which meant I could enjoy spending time with my friends and family. The best part was –

I only had to set up this system once, and it’s been serving my business ever since.

If you don’t already have a system in place, consider setting aside a few hours this week to establish a simple workflow. This change will not only enhance your client experience but also serve your business for years to come. Plus, you won’t have to worry about struggling with tedious admin work again. By streamlining your process, you’ll make it quicker and more efficient. This will free up your time for what truly sparks your passion: creating.

To a more creative future, Abi 😊 P.s If you need help developing your process, check out my free course here, on how to professionally onboard a client!


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