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This is how I get all my referrals...

Picture this for a moment…

You open your laptop to check the inbox and receive a message like this… Hey,

This is Shelly from Shelly’s Coffee Corner. I’ve heard so many good things about your work from my networking group and wanted to see if you had time to connect about an ongoing project I have coming up. What are the next steps I need to take to get started?

Can’t wait to chat!


Good things about me? Whaaattt??!! 🤩 Ongoing work relationships.

🤝 Referrals from clients with large networks.

💰 Projects with large budgets. It’s a scenario that most designers dream of – and you can make this your reality.

The truth is, messages like this are sent to designers like you every day, in fact, it’s actually happened to me before.

​​And it’s all due to one simple part of my business.

Curious about what it is? Here’s a hint:

Most professors and educators rarely talk about this, and if they do, they only scratch the surface. Leaving most designers to try and figure it out on their own. It’s the CLIENT PROCESS. When you create a seamless, professional client experience, you not only save yourself time but also make the process enjoyable for your client.​

Having a proper workflow setup allows your clients to –​

👉 Know the key dates and where they are in the process, so there’s no confusion or missed meetings.

👉 Onboard professionally without many back-and-forth emails, saving them time, energy, and effort.

👉 Experience a smooth offboarding process that makes them feel confident in their investment and the work you’ve provided to them.​

This system is why I continue to get customer referrals to this day. Inside The Client Process, I give you the tools, templates, and easy-to-understand videos that teach you how to structure your business the same exact way. So you can bring in a steady stream of referrals, too. No more feeling anxious wondering if your current process is overkill if it’s too little, or not enough.

Click here to learn more. And I’ll chat with you soon,

Abi 😊


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